• type Home | AKBL

    Control the lights of Alienware computers under GNU/Linux systems. The software includes a graphical interface, a system tray indicator, default commands and python bindings.

  • type Online CSS DeCompressor

    Online CSS « DeCompressor ● UnMinifier ● Beautifer ». Its python code is licenced GPL3 and it can be downloaded.

  • type Python highlighter

    Pure JavaScript python highlighter. Unsatisfied by the quality of the pure JavaScript python highlighters I decided to create one. The code is pretty simple and easy to customize. Enjoy it!

  • type Online material selector

    This page contains about 200 materials that are commonly used on mechanical engineering. The software offers the possibility of using filters, making calculations, and to customize the material properties.

  • type Andromeda Music Player

    Andromeda is a music player powered by Python3, GTK+ and pyVLC. It has been developed for GNU/Linux systems and its look and behavior is pretty similar to Banshee.

  • type Online CAD Viewer

    Upload STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, OBJ and STL files and visualize them directly in the navigator. PC, Tablet or Mobile, no plugins or Flash are required.