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File name: pompe
Uploaded by: rsm
Created on: Jan. 26, 2020, 9:19 a.m.
Remaining time: 31548453005.0
Link for sharing: e45870292087c9f3d85bbdfd2d1c79ad

Navigation & Hotkeys


  • mouse left To Rotate: left-click + mouse movement
  • scroll To Zoom: scroll wheel or right-click + mouse movement
  • scroll click To Move: hold the scroll wheel and move the mouse or hold ctrl + left-click
  • mouse left To Define a Rotation Center: double left-click


  • To Hide/Un-hide a part: Select it with the mouse and use they "t" key.

File Upload

Rules & Privacy

  • Data privacy: All the uploaded data will remain with its original copyright and owner. The data is confidential and no link or file will be shared by the website administrator.
  • Size limitation: There is no size limitation but the uploading time can not exceed 2 minutes.
  • Supported files: .step, .stp, .igs, .iges, .stl. Only STP/STEP files will have colors and part manipulation.



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Only registered users can list their uploaded files.




The development of this software started by curiosity in 2015 when Paul Renard, a friend from the university gave me a snippet of pythonocc-core. I found the code really interesting and I integrate it into my website for making a simple STP viewer.

More later, near Dec. 2016, I decided to shutdown the website and the project got stopped. But somewhere in 2018, after making some demos at work Romain Chelmas motivated me for taking it back.

The project will evolve as a libre-software, which means that it is developped in free time and with no constrains, but it will certanly evolve and I have no intentions of adding limitations.

For people interested to contribute, I'm looking forward to implement the following JavaScript code:

  • Add a tool for making measures.
  • Add a tool for making sections.
  • Add the product tree with the parts name.
  • Add an axis helper.


The website was developped by Rafael Senties Martinelli but the real credits should be given to the developpers who made the Core libraries.

Images (CC 3.0 BY)

  • Help icons from the FreeCad help page.
  • Toolbar icons from the FreeCad artwork page.


  • Web rendering powered with x3dom.
  • X3D generation powered with pythonocc-core.
  • File reading (not all formats) powered with FreeCAD.



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