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This page contains bout 200 materials that are commonly used on mechanical engineering. The software offers the possibility of using filters, making calculations, and to customize the material properties. More details about all the possibilities of using the software at the F.A.Q.

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Min Med Max
Symbol Designation Formula
E Young Modulus E
σe Yield Strength Se or Ys
σm Tensile Strength Sm or Ts
ρ Density Ro
A Ductility A
α Thermal Expansion Te
=<E[Mpa]=< =<A%[MPa]=<
=<σe[MPa]=< =<α[10^-6/ºC]=<
=<σm[MPa]=< =<Ts Max[ºC]=<
=<ρ[Kg/m³]=< =<Criteria=<
Material E[MPa] σe[MPa] σm[MPa] ρ[Kg/m³] A% α[10^~6/ºC] Ts Max[ºC] Criteria


  • Published on March 9, 2015.
  • Last modified on March 9, 2015.

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